Paris Skin for TAPLESS Gen x.0.0.4  Community Preview
Step 1:  Select the ROW that matches your Pocket PC screen 
Step 2:  Select the Color you want
 Step3: Click the appropriate download Icon    to start the download.

Screen Resolution
Paris - (Picasso skin) minimum requirements TAPLESS Gen3.0.0.3
How to install
1. Download the file to a folder on your desktop computer.
2. Use the TAPLESS Manager to transfer the file to your Pocket PC
3. Copy the file directly to the "My Documents \TAPLESS" folder on your Pocket PC 

Select the Skin as your primary skin from the Input Method selector or Tap & Hold the Swap button to select it as your alternate skin.
Note: if the skin does not appear on the list of available skins you have downloaded  the wrong resolution for your Pocket PC or your version of TAPLESS needs to be upgraded.