Synaptek releases TAPLESSppc Gen 3.0 with Unicode capable WordBrowsing and SmartKeys

 Mississauga, Ontario, -- July 14, 2005 -- 

Synaptek Software today announced the immediate availability of TAPLESSppc™ Gen3.0 the next step in the evolution of text entry and task automation for the Pocket PC. 

TAPLESSppc brings extremely powerful tools to simplify the use of the Pocket PC. “The goal for this generation of TAPLESS is to provide users a new class of task automation tools and an intelligent interface they can adapt to their text entry needs,” said Kevin Willows, Author of TAPLESS. “The new advanced WordBrowser can be molded to any task, while the unique SmartKey programming engine can automate simple tasks or complex operations.”

Active WordBrowser

The new WordBrowser can be sized manually or dynamically and have its advanced features quickly modified on screen to fit working styles or specific tasks. Built around the Synaptek SmartSkin engine, the WordBrowser and keyboard skins are actually efficient and compact programs that drive the user experience.

Advanced Dictionary for Unicode

The new advanced WordWeb Dictionary Engine provides full Unicode support. Now formulas, Email addresses, URL’s or any other symbolic data can be browsed along with any of 6 initially available languages. User can also generate task unique WordWeb dictionaries using the free TAPLESSlexicon desktop utility.


Virtually all keys on TAPLESSppc skins can have one or more SmartKey programs. A simple Tap and Hold launches the programmer for a given key. Then just slide and release or tap on a program to execute. Creating programs requires only selecting text in any application and tapping the programmers ‘Add’ key. Selected text can also include embedded commands to automate operations.

 LiveText Agent

The Synaptek exclusive LiveText technology now available in TAPLESS and enabled in most Microsoft Pocket PC applications permits true context sensitive acceleration. The LiveText protocol provides third party developers the ability to enable their applications with LiveText capabilities.


SmartMarks work along with the WordBrowser to keep punctuation and spaces in their place. When spaces are automatically added after a word, the SmartMark agent acts to place commas and other punctuation appropriately and then maintain a natural flow during text entry.

Pricing and Availability

TAPLESSppc Gen3.0 is available immediately for Windows Mobile 2003SE and Pocket PC 2002 based Pocket PC’s and provides full VGA and Orientation support.  It can be obtained directly from Synaptek Software or any of its authorized resellers.  Pricing is $29.95 U.S. for the Full Feature Edition or $24.95 for either the WordBrowser only Edition or SmartMark only Edition. A fully functional 30-day evaluation version is available for free download at http://WWW.TAPLESS.COM

About Synaptek Software

Founded in 1994 Synaptek Software develops Next Generation Input Technologies for the PC, Tablet PC and Pocket PC platforms.

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