Synaptek Unveils Accelerated Input Panel for Tablet PC, Smart Display and Pen Tablets.

Mississauga, Ontario, -- Nov 25, 2003 -- 

Synaptek Software today announced the immediate availability of TAPLESSxp(TM) Gen1.0.  TAPLESSxp breaks new ground by delivering accelerated text entry and keyboard automation technology to the Tablet Computing Environment. 

 TAPLESSxp gives Tablet users an accelerated text entry solution for the middle ground between handwriting and external keyboards. “Handwriting is an inefficient and error prone way of entering large bodies of text or even filling out forms. The Windows Input Panel lacks acceleration and external keyboards are not always practical.” said Kevin Willows, Marketing Director for Synaptek.  “TAPLESSxp integrates seamlessly into the Windows desktop environment, putting advanced predictive acceleration, key programming and a massive 130,000 word dictionary at the users pen tip.”

 Full Desktop Integration

The TAPLESSxp Input Panel has multiple features designed to improve the desktop workflow. The desktop Pen Waggle gesture brings the TAPLESSxp Panel to the pen.  Transparent windows let the TAPLESSxp Panel fade away or become iconic when not in use.  The desktop environment is completely customizable.

Key Programming

Each key on the TAPLESSxp keyboard can be reprogrammed to output up to five different Key Programs. User can launch programs, go to web sites, fill out web forms, enter logon sequences or even shutdown their computer, all with a single tap or gesture and without leaving the keyboard.    

Hyper-Adaptive Prediction

 The prediction model used in TAPLESSxp instantly and continuously adapts to usage patterns.  Due to the advanced dictionary compression used, TAPLESSxp can rank over 36,000 words continuously.  Even over large documents, context specific words are kept close at hand.

Word Browsing

The WordWeb technology exclusive to TAPLESSxp operates on the principle of successive approximation.  This allows users to browse to a word or phrase starting from any predicted word. Operating like a Web Browser, all the words in the TAPLESSxp dictionary are hyper-linked together by prefix.

Comprehensive Dictionaries

Expandable in real-time and fully maintainable by the user, Word-Web dictionaries have no practical limitation on size or content due the unprecedented capabilities of structured compression. TAPLESSxp ships with two English dictionaries.  The 30,000 word dictionary takes less than 160 kilobytes while the 130,000 word fits into less than 440 kilobytes of memory.

Pricing and Availability

TAPLESSxp Gen1.0 is available immediately for the Tablet PC and computers running Windows XP/ME/2000 and can be obtained directly from Synaptek Software or any of its authorized resellers.  Pricing is $54.95 U.S. for the Premium Edition with Key Programming support or $44.95 for the Basic Edition. An extensive online demo and fully functional evaluation copies are available for free download at http://WWW.TAPLESS.COM

About Synaptek Software

Founded in 1994 Synaptek Software develops Next Generation Input Technologies for the PC, Tablet PC and Pocket PC platforms. 

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