Sam, as you know we have kept the Optical Switching team engaged, as we believed that we had Robert's go ahead to continue with this investment. In addition, early indications were that this would be funded from your group. However, Jill's response puts us at significant risk. We have already spent about 15% of the request this quarter and we will need to take action to close down this investment if we cannot find a solution to the funding. As you know, for 2002 this is again considered an important market opportunity and was funded from your Optical group last year as well. Although this was funded out of the Optical Division plan last year, only about half the revenue that was driven by the team actually ended up as Optical revenue. This year we are already driving as much "funding" as we can through the Networking group and direct project work for them. However, $200K remains at risk and since we are working with the Optical Client teams very early in the development cycle there isn't any funding at that point in time. At present, the Networking group funds about 100 development resources from the top to drive this emerging high growth switching business. As you know your group drove about $25M of revenue last year and was targeting $30M this year. However, we cannot carry this risk in our budget as we have been stretched to the limit on our funding. I would like to ask you to verify back to us whether or not we should continue the work for your group. In addition, please let us know whether you can at least help us with the $1M impact we've already absorbed?

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