Last Updated August 22 2005


ppc Gen 3 - The Evolution of Text Entry    

  Download TAPLESS

The Word Browser puts the words you use most at the tip of your pen.

Tap words to add them to your document or 
Tap and Hold words to browse other word forms

Tap and Hold keys to add or execute SmartKey programs.  


thumbs Gen 1 - Full Screen Keyboard

  Download TAPLESS

All the power of TAPLESS in a full screen keyboard

LiveText technology eliminates pre-selection or copy/paste
ZoomKeys provide amazing visual feedback.
Can support WordBrowsing and SmartKeys  


 Skins for TAPLESS -   skins are Free and can be used with either TAPLESSppc or TAPLESSthumbs


  Download Free Skins 

Mix and match skins for either TAPLESSppc or TAPLESSthumbs.


lexicon Gen 0.5 -     Free Dictionary generator for TAPLESSppc and TAPLESSthumbs


  Download Free Utility

Create custom dictionaries for use with either TAPLESSppc or TAPLESSthumbs.

Scan web pages or your own documents to build personalized dictionaries.

This is the same utility that was used to scan millions of words to create all the TAPLESS dictionaries.

System requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
1.6Ghz  / 256MB  

Download Size ~ 0.7MB
Approx 5 min at 56k

TAPLESSppc Gen3.0.0.5  or TAPLESSthumbs Gen1.0.0.5



 TAPLESSxp Gen 1.0 - For Tablet PC and Pen Computing    


  Download TAPLESS

Bringing WordWeb technology to the Tablet PC and pen computing.

Fully integrated into the Desktop Environment

Advanced Word Browsing Capabilities
Hyper-Adaptive word prediction
Fully programmable keyboard
Highly customizable

System requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

Download Size ~ 0.8MB
Approx 5 min at 56k


  Skins for TAPLESSxp -   skins are Free 


  Download Free Skins 

Alternate Skins for TAPLESSxp